Monday, October 8, 2012

It's been forever since We've posted. We'll have an entirely new area for our haunt this year.

The new haunt is progressing nicely. There are several new props and a whole new terrain to sculpt into evil.  Theres still A long way to go but we're getting there.

Just a reminder for anyone visiting our blog..... our 5th annual Open house is happening on Saturday 10/27/2012  It's open to anyone that want's to stop by and share in the fun.  Our haunt opens at dark that evening (Around 7pm) and goes till whenever. It's a BYOB night but We'll have some  food, mixers and snacks for those that are hungry.. If you feel like contributing food, ,just ask what we might need to balance out the menu. Don't sweat it if you just want to stop by and visit. This is an evening designed mostly for adults but kids are also welcome.  We'd love to see you.

Of course we'll be open Oct 31st  for the traditional Trick or treating. So if you Miss us for the Open house you can still partake on Halloween night.

Hope to see you Here!!

Greg and Doreen

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