Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Open House 2012 (Frankenstorm Blues)

    In the face of the Impending Frankenstorm, we had an fantastic turnout for our annual open house. Thanks to everyone who make the trek out!. Unfortunately I have No video's or pictures to show for it. It was a hurculean effort just to get the haunt up and running this year with all of the monumental changes. All I can say is we definately outdid ourseslves (yep a little bragging is in order). Finally we have a really good backbone for a walkthrough that we can build upon in the future years. All I can say is it was a resounding success and a really great time. I'm really liking where this is going for 2013 (Weather permitting).  I will definately post videos Pending what day halloweern takes place. The authorities are saying we could be in for some significant long term power outages. So who Knows If, or when Halloweern will occur this year. (Sigh).

    It was truely interesting  to follow our guests  and see where they stop and stare and what they don't notice and to also see what startles them. Often they're reactions are completely different than what we  anticipated which is truely educational. It was also neat to notice the spots that were a consistant scare or startle.

    With some GREAT THANKS to a good friend and his wife, we were able to get the haunt broken down and pre- staged today for re-assembly if NJ doesn't get eroded into the atlantic ocean over the next 3 days.  We just couldn't leave the stuff up with the storm comming.  I am very weary of the sickly strange weather we have been having the past 5-6 years around this time of year.  There were a few good years in there, but overall we always seem to be facing a huge weather hurdle.

   So, we'll hunker down like the rest of the North East and see what Sandy brings us. We're hoping that there is little damage from this monster, and that everyone makes it through safe and sound.

So Be safe and keep an eye out for when Trick Or Treat will occur.

Happy Haunting

Greg and Doreen

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